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Claire Bard

Math Teacher

Ms. Bard has been teaching math at Village Academy for four years. She graduated from Relay Graduate School with a master’s degree in Middle Childhood Education. Her passion for math pushes her to bring fun activities and real world situations into her classroom to build her students’ life skills. She attended undergrad at Howard University, majoring in business, and now uses her experiences with business to encourage her students to pursue their dreams and to think outside the box. She is known for her kind, but strict teaching style and loves learning about her students’ lives and interests. A proud supporter of all learners, she embraces their cultures, languages, orientations, learning styles, and will challenge any of them to a Roblox game for fun. Unfortunately, she is a sore loser, so let her win.( Just kidding!) 🤣

A proud Haitian American, she loves learning about different cultures, travelling, and trying ALL varieties of ethnic foods. Also, feel free to argue with her about Marvel movies or musical artists anytime! Her favorite quote is “Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.”

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