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Shanise Cancryn

Math Teacher

Mrs. Cancryn is a licensed Special Education Teacher and has been teaching mathematics at Village Academy since 2018. She upholds deep values for Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Education. She uses her platform as an educator to pass those values on to her students as a part of educating the whole child.


In 2014, Mrs. Cancryn graduated from York College with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Before switching careers to Education, she held a career in Finance. Growing up in a home with grandparents that instilled in her the importance of education, she aspired to change careers to educate and inspire the youth. In 2017, Mrs. Cancryn decided to further her education and went through the New York City Teaching Collaboration Program and graduated from St. John's University with a Masters in Education.


During Mrs. Cancryn free time she enjoys hosting dinner parties, shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, laughing and telling jokes. 

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