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Dear Village Academy Family,


Part of the mission and vision of Village Academy is to support strong community relationships and stronger family units.

We are launching our VA Family Communication Directory.  Parents will have opportunities to communicate with other parents and families in their child’s class, grade and school.

Parents will have the opportunity to come out to parent meet and greet nights to meet other parents from their child’s class and exchange contact information.

Parents who can not attend can still share their contact information and a picture for our parent communication directory.  Parents can volunteer to share their e-mail address and/ or phone number with their child’s class, the entire grade, or the entire school.

Parents can reach out to other parents if their child is absent, for updates, etc.


It is important that students know that parents are connected with their school and their friends.  We are excited about this new and innovative way to keep our families connected.

By clicking on this link, Update Contact Information, Village Academy will be able to collect your contact information for future outreach. 


Educationally Yours,
Doris C. Lee

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