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Family Problem of the Week 

Our school is beginning a weekly mathematics initiative called the “Family Problem of the Week”. Each week, your child will be sent home with a non-routine problem that calls for them to use critical thinking skills and reasoning to solve. There are many different approaches to all of these problems so we encourage creativity. Each week your child will also complete fluency practice. There will be a “skill of the week” for them to practice. Below you will find websites you can use to watch videos if you and your child need assistance. 

We are asking parents and/or guardians to review the problem of the week and the skill of the week practice with your children and engage in a conversation. When children participate in the activities with family members, their self-confidence increases and their attitude towards mathematics becomes more positive. 

Thank you very much for your continued support of your child’s learning. We welcome any ideas or suggestions for the take-home math program.

Websites to Watch Videos for Help:

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