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Hanna Grayson

Humanities Teacher

Ms.Grayson is a fun-loving and diligent teacher of English Language Arts, who prides herself on her passion and devotion to making an impact on the life of every child that she teaches. Ms. Grayson, a former entertainer in music and theatrical arts, was also an English major at Hunter College, before pursuing her long desired dream of becoming a teacher. Having also attended Public School throughout her entire K-12 education, Ms. Grayson sees the importance of giving our students every chance at growth and opportunities for success, as she has been granted. She hopes to continue to inspire the students, as she continues to share her undying love for reading and writing. Ms. Grayson is also the Event Coordinator for Village Academy, making sure that our students constantly have great events and competitions which they can engage in to strengthen their confidence, build on their skills, and showcase their talents. Some of these events, to name a few, are our Annual Spelling Bee, Black History Oratorical Competition, Words and Verbs Poetry Slam, Vocabulary Bowl, and many other themed events and celebrations! 

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