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Kristopher Indelicato

Physical Education Teacher

Hello my name is Kristopher Indelicato. I have been teaching Physical Education and coaching after school sports for nine years. Some of the sports I have coached include soccer, football, wrestling, basketball, volleyball,hockey, baseball and track. Fitness, nutrition and sports have always been my main focus in life. Growing up I watched numerous friends and family members suffer from many preventable diseases directly related to unhealthy lifestyles. That is where my passion for nutrition and fitness began. I wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals. For a period of time I studied nutrition and became a certified fitness trainer. However, I felt my impact could be stronger by teaching children how to live a healthy lifestyle through Physical Education.

In my free time I enjoy exercising, relaxing at the beach, watching sports, being with my family and working in construction/carpentry. Before I went into education I used to build houses and custom furniture. To date I have completed many projects and learned a great deal. It’s great exercise and a skill that can be used for life. Thank you so much for reading.

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