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Matthitya Joseph

Strategic Reading Teacher

Matthitya Joseph, Tia for short, is a proud Haitian-European/American women, born in Belgium, Brussels and grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, NY. Since she became her teacher’s “assistant” in the third grade Tia knew that education was going to be an integral part of her life’s work and purpose. Although, throughout her college and post graduate tenure she explored psychology and mental health counseling, education was always at the forefront of the opportunities afforded to her throughout her academic career. It was while she was finishing up her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling, March 2015, that she was encouraged to apply to the NYC Teaching Fellows Program as a special education teacher to continue her work and passion with enriching, serving, and impacting  the lives of children and youth with various disabilities. Since then, she has been working as a special education teacher at Village Academy in Far Rockaway Queens. She also continues to do outreach work with underserved youth throughout the Brooklyn and Queens communities, works with serving the Homeless and disenfranchised populations throughout New York City, and continues to advocate for Haitian immigrants new to the United States. She is dedicated to serving those who have been placed on her path and ensuring light, love, joy, support, and inclusion become an active part of their daily lives.  

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