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Darline Marcellus

Humanities Teacher

Darline Michel-Louis AKA as Ms. Marcellus have been a NYC teacher since 2007. She has worked as a Special Education teacher and a General Education teacher. Over the years she has taught English, Social Studies, and Math. Ms. Marcellus attended Brooklyn College where she received a BS in psychology. She later received a Masters degree in Public Administration at Metropolitan College of New York; A Master’s degree at Touro College in both General and Special Education. Additionally, she earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration at Mercy College. She plans on getting a PhD in the near future in Educational Psychology. Her goal is for all of her students to achieve great things and to take their education and learning seriously. She believes that all students can learn and it takes a change in mindset to break through the many years of “I Can’t”. She is very committed to educating students. As an educator it is very important to be involved with the parents and get to know the students in order to really make a change. She wants her students to know and remember that she is strict in the classroom but that’s because she cares about their learning. 

Ms. Marcellus came to the United States in the 3rd grade from Haiti and grew uo in Brooklyn. She is the mother of 3 children Emily 17, Ethan 12, and Benjamin 3 and step-mom of twins Jonathan and Jarmuth. She enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.  

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