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Dorothy Remy

Strategic Reading Teacher

Hi, I’m Ms. Remy!

  • I’m one of the teachers on the Strategic Reading Team at Village Academy.  I’ve worked on this fabulous team of dedicated individuals for the last few years and love the way we work together to make reading fun, relatable, attainable and relevant.

  • Brooklyn-born and raised, the first born child of Haitian immigrants.

  • Became a teacher, because I believe in the cliché- that children are our future, the world’s future and that all children are capable of learning and being productive members of society and agents of change in a world that is ever changing, and needs all of us to do our part in order for justice, love, peace and hope to prevail.

  • Some of the things I enjoy are reading, playing word/brain games, spending time with loved ones and of course, shopping!!!

  • My most favorite color is- all shades PURPLE!

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