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Gabrielle St. Pierre

Math Teacher

Gabrielle St. Pierre is a new mathematics teacher at Village Academy. Before that, Ms. St. Pierre taught 4th grade with the DOE in Manhattan and has spent several years teaching Pre-K while attending school. She loved working with young minds, but wanted a new challenge and to help older students. Ms. St. Pierre earned her Bachelor’s degree at SUNY Oneonta in early childhood/childhood education with a concentration in mathematics. She has been wanting to be a math teacher after finding her love for math when she was in 6th grade. Ms. St. Pierre then completed her masters degree at St. Joseph’s College in childhood special education. Her main goal being an educator is to help students realize they can have a growth mindset. Ms. St. Pierre gets to know each student individually and supports them. She loves to see their growth not only as students but as human beings. In her free time, Ms. St. Pierre loves to travel, read and spend time with her friends and family. 

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