Student Artist Spotlight

Maple and Chrissy.JPG
Maple and Chrissy
Winter Holiday and Sweet Treats.JPG
Winter Holiday and Sweet Treats

Makaizra Pryce

Makaizra Graffiti.JPG
Makaizra Graffiti
My US Capitol.JPG
My US Capitol
Music Awards.JPG
Music Awards
We are Ellie.JPG
We are Ellie
Contrast vs. Emphasis.JPG
Contrast vs. Emphasis

Jeremiah Cabral

Graffiti Megaguirus.JPG
Graffiti Megaguirus
Malangu Prints.JPG
Malangu Prints
Shaded Ribbons.JPG
Graffiti Gorosaurus.JPG
Graffiti Gorosaurus
Shaded Ribbon
Radial Mom.jpg
Symbolic Zentangle

Jeremiah Cabral

(6 IMMACULATE) Jeremiah Cabral - Ban.jpg
(6 IMMACULATE) Jeremiah Cabral - Free Dr
Music (Now & Then)
(6 IMMACULATE) Jeremiah Cabral - Inside.
(6 IMMACULATE) Jeremiah Cabral -
Graffiti King
(6 IMMACULATE) Jeremiah Cabral - Radial
Radial Cat
(6 IMMACULATE) Jeremiah Cabral - Waste.j

Rehianna Sidbury Moore

Rehianna Art 1.png
Rehianna Art 3.png
Rehianna Art 2.png

I Can't Breath


All Black Lives Matter

Chance McCullough

Chance Artwork 1.jpg

Michael Strings

Chance Artwork 4.jpg

This is Me

Chance Artwork 2.jpg


Chance Artwork 5.jpg

The Capitol

Chance Artwork 3.jpg

Raven Emoji Art

Chance Artwork 6.jpg

Speak Up